Monday, August 27, 2012

You can hire me to teach you English, London

These pictures were taken on my walks in London and thereabouts, not in China or India.

     Just in case you thought native English speakers had a less taxing time with apostrophes:

Right outside the Queen's castle at Windsor


You 'might enjoyed' this sign at Waterstones, Islington
'Tradisional' English breakfast at Pimlico
Methinks someone from Hafeez Centre is trying to make it in Hackney

Coinage by a Central London cafe, possibly to encourage the pleasures of loose tea. Hoping they're as mindless of the UrbanDictionary meaning as they are of its spelling. 
All Behaviour Relating...Of a Sexual Nature ...Or of Illegal Activity?
Ad for better copy editors in London ad agencies


  1. i think these people never attended an English medium school.

  2. English is their language, they can use it however they like.
    Besides we are the ones to talk, who can't even speak their own language properly.


  3. There is an inherent contradiction in your statement, Mr. AM. If you are advocating native English speakers use their language any way they like, why the double standard for Urdu speakers? Whatever way it is being spoken over here is 'proper' then.

  4. Quite observant of you, Sabahat. :)

  5. ["Coinage by a Central London cafe, possibly to encourage the pleasures of lose tea."]

    "Lose tea"? :-)

    [I enjoyed reading it, nevertheless.].