Tuesday, July 10, 2012


First impressions of 'London' were of a city that looked more English than Londonish. Quaint, small English houses, and kids walking back home from school. More like the suburbs of a medium sized town than a busy, bursting cosmopolitan. But I guess it is typical of big cities to have different parts form distinct towns unto themselves--the residential suburbs on the outskirts of the dense corporate centre. On the car ride from Heathrow to my brother's place I saw more desis than Caucasians, which was oddly unsettling. Always takes a while to get used to diversity when you hail from homogenous Lahore. Looking at so many women in shalwar kameezes and dupattas roaming the streets of London made me think of the opposite scenario--non-Muslim, non-Asian women walking the streets of Lahore in their local dresses. The thought made me laugh at its ludicrousness.

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  1. i was expecting a bit longer post then this one lol :P
    any ways case of london is exactly as the case of capitals around the globe (well it is my own theory it can be wrong) the capital city of every country is way different then the rest of the country and this change can be in anyway, infrastructure, mood of the city, the kind of people you find there.
    same is the case with London to me London is a country in it self and i am saying it because i have to travel here all the way from wales every week and i experience a change a pace in life that i miss in that part of UK. i have noticed the change in other cities too i.e. Birmingham, Manchester when i compare them to London.
    mostly capital cities are more vibrant and that is one feature most of the famous capital cities share however in case of Pakistan our very own Islamabad is calmer as compared to 'Rival cities' Karachi and Lahore, that is what keep it 'different' then rest of the country.
    me and my theories can never stop poking nose in wrong time therefore i should stop writing now and say "Enjoy your stay in London".